Kathy and┬áCindy’s Homebirth Midwifery Partnership


Having worked together for over 14 years, our complimentary styles and personalities provide for you a dynamic pair full of experience, fun and caring hearts. With a focus on personalized care and education to women and their families, we strive to facilitate client-midwife relationships based on trust. We believe women’s bodies are able to grow, deliver and nurse babies. Through a good relationship with their midwives, active responsibility, and informed choices families create empowered experiences while bringing their babies into the world. It is our job to enable trust and belief in one’s self and the child bearing process. With our guidance and encouragement our clients find their paths to becoming parents. We are excited and privileged to work alongside families during this time in their lives.

“Trust in your own strength and your own inner vision. Your birth comes from you!”

Homebirth Midwifery Services In Northern California